The Journey Begins

Today is the day JustaThought reaches the public eye. In recent months I have came across a number of like-minded individuals who share many of the same thoughts and opinions as I, although, as it is well known not everybody shares the same views on life which is why JustaThought has been created; to provide a hub for woke individuals to express their insights, know-how and opinions on just about all topics imaginable.

At the end of each post the writer will provide you with what inspired their piece; whether it was the Album Of The Day (AOTD), a really tasty meal or just a simple cuppa joe you will know why or how the post has come about.

So please do not hold back from commenting and sharing your personal views as it is exactly why we have created this space.


white notes beside a pencil on brown wooden surface
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Channel Orange — Frank Ocean/2012/AOTD